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The word "Hamdard" belongs to the Persian language, which is the combination of "Ham" and "Dard". "Ham" means a companion and "Dard" means pain. Hamdard thus means a companion in pain.

The name of Hamdard will go down in history as an insti¬tution that virtually revived and put the Eastern medicine or Unani medicine on the map. Although apparently in form it is mainly a pharmaceutical manufacturing concern, it has made contributions to several other fields of human endeavour. Late Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed founded the HAMDARD in Delhi (India) in 1906. Despite the paucity of resources, he aimed high

- To preserve and promote the Eastern System of Medicine as a science.
- To establish the principles of pharmacy and its furtherance and standardization.
- To supply economically the standard pharma¬ceuticals.
- To teach and publicise principles of health, hy¬giene and medical science.
- To serve the people selflessly.

It may be noted that the emphasis throughout was on systemization of the Eastern medicine or unani medicine. The principles and practice of this Oriental medicine sys¬tem especially flourished in South Asia Sub-continent during Middle Ages, although its origin lies elsewhere: beginning in ancient Greece, those ideas were taken up by Muslim scholars in the Muslim world that extended from Morocco and Spain in the west to Indonesia and China in the east. The scholars in medieval Persia and Subcontine¬nt of India made magnificent contribution in the discover¬ies of medicinal plants and substances, experimented with their uses and recorded their therapeutic properties. A lot of literature has been accumulated over the ages. But alas it could not be systematized on modern scientific lines after the advent of modern scientific age. This is a sine-qua-non for the system's preservation. Enjoying the confidence of the common people, its revival needs to be based on modern scientific pattern and Hamdard accepted this res¬ponsibility.
No doubt, the allopathic system of medicine has made rapid progress and an impression has been created that the Unani was only a system for the medieval period and that it is unequal to cope with the demands of modern times. But it is an erroneous view, as evident from Hamdard's fast-growing popularity.


Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladesh
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